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We can consider that the Couscous, Harira and tea probably as the pillars of  Moroccan cuisine, a renowned cuisine through diversification of these dishes either in the Arab or international world, a small mixture of traditional Arabic and Berber cuisine. 2000 years is the approximate age that some researchers give to Moroccan cuisine. It is also a period during which many dynasties succeeded to the throne, which has the effect of giving the Moroccan cooking an original flavor and a very refined taste.

Together we want to let you know the flavors, aromas of Moroccan cuisine. Our goal is to try to give you the courage to learn to recognize the freshness of a culinary art, make it a habit to taste the flavor of a Moroccan kitchen rich in spices. For more information, contact us.



We organize various programs: hiking Morocco , Morocco trekking, camel rides. And for that you take contact with the residents who live in the most beautiful Berber areas of Morocco, taste their pace of life and genuine emotions, hiking Morocco in direct contact with nature.

Our team offers its knowledge of the region , its traditions , its experience of hiking throughout  Morocco and  Morocco trekking. Whether for a wilderness hike or a Morocco trekking, hiking in Toubkal, walks in the Atlantic , Essaouira beach or hiking Morocco . Our team of experienced guides organize hiking of your dreams.



Berber tent or shelter is nomads home. With its large roof made of goat hair or camel, and its walls made of wool or lighter fabric, it houses the weather, cold, sand wind and rain which is too rare. Set up on a cross plank on two pillars in the center, it can be large enough to accommodate a small family. And when it gets really hot, we can raise the walls to enjoy the shade and air circulation. Tents, still made with traditional materials and purchased nomads who make them again, are smaller, and higher than the conventional tent. Above all, they are mounted in a circle, allowing to benefit from a center of the camp sheltered from the wind, where you can spend a pleasant evening.

Pretty simple but comfortable, this little paradise for young and old stretches the Sahara. You can take time to enjoy a mint tea, saffron, plants … .close to the pool, in the gardens, to paint, to write, to admire the sunset over the dunes.

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